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Production Supervisor

Supervise and coordinate activities of liquid production facility. Interpret and enforce company policies, safety regulations and GMPs to production personnel. Study production schedule and estimate requirements for completion of job assignments. Interpret production schedules to machine operators, and other production crew, and assign duties. Inspect products and materials to verify conformance to specifications. Make recommendations for product disposition. Recommend measures to improve quality of product, production methods, and equipment performance. Analyze and resolve work problems. Maintain personnel attendance records and generate forms of absences, tardiness, and disciplinary actions. Maintain production records and supplies data to Assistant General Manager. 
  • Minimum requirement: 3 years exp in job offer or as Dangan Specialist.
  • Worksite: 4610 Mercedes Dr, Suite 210, Belcamp, MD 21017
  • Apply to: 
Personnel Department, 
United Foods International (USA) Inc., 23447 
Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

Intermediate Food Technologist - R&D

Responsible for planning and executing R&D projects in the laboratory and run tests on samples and ingredients. Identify and implement innovative, practical application and modification of ingredients, formulations and process to achieve business goals of commercializing new products, process improvements and cost savings; develop process specification and ensure training and transfer of scientific knowledge to QA and operations; create accurate specification and labels for new products using Genesis R&D Product Development and Labeling Software; provide support documentation, labelling and regulatory compliance for FDA and SQF; conduct shelf life analysis of food products; collaborate with Production and Purchasing Departments to enhance smooth and efficient production.
  • Minimum requirement: MS in Food Science or Food Science & Technology.
Apply to:
Personnel Department, United Foods International (USA) Inc., 23447 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

Food Technologist - Quality Control

Responsible for applying food science knowledge to determine the best way to conduct research and laboratory testing and sensory testing, such as pH (potential of Hydrogen), Salt, Brix (sugar content of an aqueous solution), Aw (water activity), viscosity and organoleptic evaluations for WIP (work in process) and finished products.

  • Enforce the administration of Quality Control policies in all areas of the manufacturing facility, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and sanitation.
  • Place defective products on Hold and conduct investigation.
  • Report any deficiencies found during a routine check to QA Manager.
  • Provide assistance to the production team to ensure food safety, and quality objectives are met, such as using correct labels and packaging materials.
  • Perform start-up and hourly line quality control checks for the production lines, such as pressure test, weight check, seals check and lot number check.
  • Responsible for preparing, writing and keeping all QC documentation and reports.
  • Responsible for preparing quality control audits by State Inspectors and Third-Party Auditors.
  • Prepare Certificate of Analysis.
  • Minimum requirement: MS in Food Technology & Processing, or MS in Food Science or MS in Food & Nutrition Science.
Apply to:
Personnel Department, United Foods International (USA) Inc., 23447 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

Food Technologist - Quality Assurance
Responsible for overseeing, implementation and maintaining environmental pathogen and sanitation verification programs at our dry and liquid manufacturing plants; apply food science knowledge to determine the best way to process, package and distribute food products manufactured at our manufacturing plant.

  • Perform food safety and quality inspections at manufacturing plants to document FDA compliance.
  • Develop efficient testing procedures and document all findings to prepare technical reports used for manufacturing.
  • Design, develop and execute quality assurance measures on raw materials being used in the company’s products.
  • Build and develop quality programs and procedures, assess programs for effectiveness.
  • Test and evaluate the quality of raw materials by inspecting the presence of potential pollutants in dry and liquid sauce, seasoning, and dry mix ingredients.
  • Manage and maintain Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program for manufacturing plants.
  • Measure the level of contaminations to ensure product safety and meets standards of HAACP and ISO.
  • Support customer and third party regulatory compliance audits.
  • Assist in food product hold and release programs to ensure the product is not released without prior approval and documentation.
  • Develop ways to process, preserve, package, and store food per the particular requirements for organic and/or kosher certification as well as meeting the general industry and government regulations.
  • Review environmental issues, laws, and regulations relating to food processing to ensure the company complies with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Conduct research to ensure the company complies with local and international food processing standards and regulations.
  • Inspect food manufacturing facility to ensure sanitation, safety, quality, and waste management standards are met.
  • Responsible for reporting and taking necessary action to prevent food safety and food quality problems from occurring.
  • Responsible for following and enforcing procedures outlined in the Food Safety Plan and Food Quality Plan that support the SQF systems and third-party audits.
  • Maintain an approved vendor/supplier list.
  • Respond to customer complaints and prepare corrective action report.
  • Evaluate food processing and storage operations and assist in the development of quality assurance programs for such operations.
  • Evaluate ingredients and products used in the development and production of finished goods; ensure compliance with specifications and standards that have been defined during the test and trial periods of new products.
  • Stay current with new technology and developments and maintain professional contacts with individuals and organizations. Build and maintain relationships with current and potential customers
  • Minimum requirement: MS in Food Science & Technology.

Apply to:
Personnel Department, United Foods International (USA) Inc., 23447 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

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