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Food Technologist

Responsible for developing prototypes for customized food products including dry and liquid sauces, seasonings and mixes that will meet specific customer-driven standards, specifications and needs.  Develop, monitor, test and coordinate methods of storage, preservation, processing, quality control and packaging of custom manufactured liquid and dry sauces, seasonings and mixes.  Conduct research in the procurement of raw materials, processing, production technology and utilization of sauces, seasonings and dry mixes in different segments of food industry.  Observe the manufacturing process of dry and liquid products, then study and recommend new procedures and methods to improve the quality of products for flavor, texture and nutritional value.  Develop efficient testing procedures and document all findings to prepare technical reports used for manufacturing.  Design, develop and execute quality control measures on raw materials being used in company's products.  Test and evaluate the quality of raw materials by inspecting presence of potential pollutants in dry and liquid sauce, seasoning and dry mix ingredients. Measure level of contaminations to ensure product safety and meets standards of HAACP and ISO.  Develop ways to process, preserve, package and store food per the particular requirements for organic and/or kosher certification as well as meeting the general industry and government regulations.  Conduct research to ensure company is in compliance with local and international food processing standards and regulations.  Inspect food manufacturing facility to ensure sanitation, safety, quality and waste management standards are met.


MS in Food Science

Formerly SENBA USA, Inc.

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