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  Formerly SENBA USA, Inc. - Custom Food Manufacturing & Packaging for over 20 years
Custom dry Blending:

We can combine the mechanics of an orbital mixing screw and the simple force of gravity to create a thorough, homogeneous blend. With our vertical blender, we can produce a more homogenous mix in less time with a higher degree of accuracy, which minimizes heat generation and is gentle on powders and on the delicate dry vegetables. Since our dry blenders come in a variety of sizes, we have the ability to create smaller more cost-effective loads, which enables you to proceed with your start up project without the high premiums seen with the competitors.


Custom liquid processing:

We can make a variety of soups and sauces exactly to meet your specifications. We are able to blend liquids with powders, semi-solids, or soluble pastes. Our low level serrated chopping blades work in conjunction with a scraper blade agitator and adjustable baffles that is processed in a 550 gallon stainless steel kettle which is then cooled to your desired temperature to maintain flavor and color, to ensure a consistent and thorough blend.

Formerly SENBA USA, Inc.

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